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Man, this is the sort of day where I wish the Court of Night Blooming Flowers were real - I could really use a trip to Valerian House right about now. Not that I'd be able to afford it. *grumble* But yeah, I really want to cane someone into a crying purple mess, and I really really shouldn't because with the mood I'm in I'm rather past caring about the other person's potential enjoyment of this activity. Not exactly a mind set conducive to Safe Sane and Consensual.

It'll pass by the time I get home tomorrow. It always does. But right now I'm just going to dig my fingernails into my palms, grit my teeth, eat some leftover steak and ride it out until the beast goes back to sleep.
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Once on top.
Once writhing on your hand with your cock in my mouth
Once pinned under you after what felt like hours getting fucked from behind

* * *

Once thinking about you in the shower this afternoon
Once a little later, remembering how good you felt last night
Probably one more time before I go to bed... unless of course, you'd like to help? ;)

(super amusing random note - nearly posted this into NormalJournal. Um yeah, lol.)
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  • Pfil is off on a week long camping trip tomorrow night. This is important seeing as the air conditioner is in the living room and I have some evil, though still nebulous ideas on how to use that lovely air cooled space for Very Bad Things.

  • There is something about Kittyboy and anal... not sure what it is, if it's a quirk of penis shape or what, but it feels ridiculously good with him. Probably don't hurt none that I was already a total whore for it to begin with, but of all the people/items I've let in the back door, he ranks very high. I won't say how high, because I'm quite sure if he's read this far his head's swollen about 125% percent and it's big enough already.

  • Quite honestly, the nicest thing about having my internet back on after a fortnight long outage is being able to take porn to bed with me again via iPod. Yes, I get off insanely hard from watching amateur creampie clips, shut up.

  • Still on the frequent masturbation kick, speaking of which. There's been too much hotness around lately, from the sort of sex with Kittyboy that leaves me kinda limp and stupid afterward to scenes out of the TV shows I'm watching to it just being summer and while I don't like the hot and uncomfortable and ick, there IS something about it that just makes me want to fuck everything all the damn time and outside under the stars despite the humid, sticky and mosquitoes.

  • been letting my teeth out a little more lately - last week Kittyboy got mauled in a style that hadn't really been seen since we first got together. I've read all sorts of silly things about how leaving hickies is so very high school and that it's not a "mature" thing to do sexually, but fuck that shit. I love marking up other people, and I loved being bruised up in return. Yes, it's a possession thing, nothing says "MINE" like a purple circle on the collarbone.

  • still missing teh ladies. Would love a girl to tie up and beat silly, though I've got no leftover spoons for any more than what I'm currently dealing with. Still, it's a nice thought... and probably a good indication that maybe I need to lay off the lesbian fetish hentai (which just doesn't have the same cadence as Lesbian Spank Inferno, lol)

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I swear, since about five o'clock Sunday I've been masturbating more or less constantly. Well, okay, not at work, lol. And for all I know, not while asleep, though my dreams have been blue to the point of indigo lately. But yeah, it seems like I'm on a must-get-off-every-hour-and-a-half jag while I'm home. My clit is a little on the raw side from all the constant stimulation and since it's been hot as all fuck this sort of activity comes with the charming side effect of opening my eyes to steamed over glasses afterwards.

It's not even that I'm particularly horny either. I guess lately I need the escape time into the twisted fantasyland my head becomes when I'm playing with myself. And lately I've been stressed and frustrated enough to the point where having an orgasm every 90 or so minutes is just barely keeping the edge off. But at the rate I'm going, I'm going to melt through my vibrator cord.

I probably should post something about how Kittyboy tied me face down to my bed and did terrible things to my ass and clit for a lovely long and quite frankly steamy hour on Saturday, but I don't have the words, and it's crawling back up to 90 minutes again...
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I just drunk posted $normaljournal.

I left out the detail where I was dancing around my room belting out Avenged Sevenfold, using The Beast as my microphone.

Because damn it, everyone needs to get drunk and sing into their dildoes.

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I came home from a weekend away to find a DVD of FOUR HOURS OF HOT LESBIAN ACTION on my desk with the following note on top of it:

Was given years ago. Haven't watched. Do you want? <3 Pfil

Because you really have to twist my arm to watch that sort of thing. But yeah, free porn, woot.

In other news, Kittyboy's on work related walkabout... on top of that, I sit here staring at a delicious picture of the Lady... I mean, really universe, as if my libido needed poking, grrr. Defintely the sort of night where the phrase "left to one's own devices" can be taken quite literally.


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