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Aw, missed steak and BJ day this year. Yes, I'm actually sad about that. Red meat and oral sex sound like a perfect day to me.

For a lark and after a tangentially related conversation with KB, I reread Kushiel's Dart. This did nothing for my desire to beat someone bruisy. Neither is the fact that I found my 18" wooden ruler last night.

Last night after fucking my ass sweet and slow, Kittyboy mischievously pointed out that he always fists me when I come home from NY. "Just giving you something to look forward to." Damn him.

No progress made on venturing forth to wmpe events. We'll see about the main wmpetng munch.

I'm sure I have to wait in a line that wraps around the country several times, but I have this insane desire to do wonderfully awful things to Rachel Maddow in a significant state of undress. Painfully intelligent dark haired/dark eyed women kinda make me weak in the knees.

I really really REALLY need a new Wahl coil. And some drip candles. And Slippery stuff. And maybe one of those rock and roll vibes that light up. It'd be like Studio 54 all up in my junk. And a celebrator. And one (okay two) of these floggers. Sigh. One of these days I will have a toy budget again. One of these days.
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Hey [livejournal.com profile] little_kit, do you have a long lost cousin? ;) There was a adorable young lady on collarme.com that reminded me of you, so I shot her a message. Pretty sure nothing's gonna come of it, but nothing ventured, right?

In other news, I don't know what it is about French bowlines, but it seems precisely how to do them slides out of my memory like a well greased... well. Anything. Much like how to tie half-Windsors. Something about knots and trying to remember how they go never seems to stick. Nothing for it but to practice, eh?

Also Kittyboy and I MIGHT be going to Home Depot later. Or as I like to put it, "The Grown-up Toy Store." Granted I won't really be getting anything majorly fun (I think I've decided mostly to get hooks and price organizer type thingies), but a gal can look at the chain and rope and zipties and brackets and D rings and s-hooks and dream wicked dreams, can't she?

I've ended every paragraph in this entry on a wistful question mark. That is a thing.
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  • Pfil is off on a week long camping trip tomorrow night. This is important seeing as the air conditioner is in the living room and I have some evil, though still nebulous ideas on how to use that lovely air cooled space for Very Bad Things.

  • There is something about Kittyboy and anal... not sure what it is, if it's a quirk of penis shape or what, but it feels ridiculously good with him. Probably don't hurt none that I was already a total whore for it to begin with, but of all the people/items I've let in the back door, he ranks very high. I won't say how high, because I'm quite sure if he's read this far his head's swollen about 125% percent and it's big enough already.

  • Quite honestly, the nicest thing about having my internet back on after a fortnight long outage is being able to take porn to bed with me again via iPod. Yes, I get off insanely hard from watching amateur creampie clips, shut up.

  • Still on the frequent masturbation kick, speaking of which. There's been too much hotness around lately, from the sort of sex with Kittyboy that leaves me kinda limp and stupid afterward to scenes out of the TV shows I'm watching to it just being summer and while I don't like the hot and uncomfortable and ick, there IS something about it that just makes me want to fuck everything all the damn time and outside under the stars despite the humid, sticky and mosquitoes.

  • been letting my teeth out a little more lately - last week Kittyboy got mauled in a style that hadn't really been seen since we first got together. I've read all sorts of silly things about how leaving hickies is so very high school and that it's not a "mature" thing to do sexually, but fuck that shit. I love marking up other people, and I loved being bruised up in return. Yes, it's a possession thing, nothing says "MINE" like a purple circle on the collarbone.

  • still missing teh ladies. Would love a girl to tie up and beat silly, though I've got no leftover spoons for any more than what I'm currently dealing with. Still, it's a nice thought... and probably a good indication that maybe I need to lay off the lesbian fetish hentai (which just doesn't have the same cadence as Lesbian Spank Inferno, lol)

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LOLing forEVER at the responses I've gotten on Collarme. Apparently "Straight Dominant Male" over there = "I'm so Dom I don't bother to read profiles, therefore seeing that you are not looking for My Heaping Masses of Masculinity." Yeah, flatten out the vowel in Dom and you get what I really think there. *chuckle* Really people. Poly Bisexual Switch does not equal Looking For You.

Full moon on Monday... hopefully it'll warm up a little bit between now and then - I've got this insane urge to go walking in it. Not to mention the usual "I don't know whatcha done to me but I know this much is true - I wanna do bad things to yooooooooooooou" that hits right about now. Least my period is no longer quite synched up to it anymore so I should be running clear by then... Thank goodness for small favors. Might be a good time to clear out Kittyboy's Litany of Misdeeds, considering he's notched up 20 points since his birthday. >:) I need to keep on top of that more.


Mar. 16th, 2010 07:09 pm
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Why are all the cute curvy pain sluts taken? Grrrrr. Ran into an acquaintance today that's got my wanting to lovingly bruise up a happily willing girl on like whoa. That whole taken thing though. Which is sad cause I already know she passed whatever arbitrary standards Kittyboy has. Ah well. We have an agreement to hang sometime, and I'll just have to keep my desire to nibble on her at bay.

In other news, I think I accidentally observed Steak&Blowjob day yesterday, lol. Because there WAS some damn delicious steak (nothing makes me want to jump Kittyboy than watching him wreak delicious havoc in the kitchen). And later on I got the impish urge to dive under his desk while he was all sitter i Venten och spelar lite DotA LoL and supply the blow job. Which is not at all unlike giving someone head while they're on the phone, except Vent has push to talk so it's not THAT much of a challenge to keep your breathing/voice normal. But yeah. Fun times there.

Pfil's Athena's package arrived and had an extra box of samples, so I now have a little bottle of rather aggressively strawberry lube (they really don't fuck around with the flavor/fragrances, btw - my coochie was still giving off eau de buttercream 24 hours after we used it and that was after a shower even) and a bottle of something amusingly named "Happy Penis" which we were introduced to at the Athena's party (banana splilt flavored, allegedly). I'm sure both will find uses, specially since I've been jonesing for a good hard fisting lately.... >:)

seriously though if anyone has any spare cute curvy pain sluts, do send them my way plzkthx.
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I did end up going to the WMPETNG munch on Saturday! Go me for summoning the courage. My Fetlife friends list jumped by like 25%, I swear, lol. But yeah, it was good. Packed house and chaos, due to it being the first one and organizational kinks (shut up) needed working out, but the important thing was that the turnout was fabulous and people are looking forward to the next one. Me, I made some friends and found an old acquaintance, and had a very enjoyable evening in the company of hilarious, geeky people.

Kittyboy's question last night of "so why do the girls you find cute all look like imoto-chan?" has been bugging me for some reason. I apparently run to type with women more than men: tall curvy redheads (natural or bottled irrelevant) do tend to instantly get my attention, whereas generally women that fall outside of this type tend to have to work at it a little more to show up on my radar. I think it's bugging me because I hadn't actually realized I was running to type, and also considering the last couple of tall curvy redheads to occupy a fair amount of my attention... yeah. I don't know. There's nothing wrong with having a preference, but I always get a little grumpy when caught in one of my predictable little patterns. Meh.

In slightly less annoying Kittyboy question news, he asked the other day if there was something we hadn't done yet that I'd like to do, and after getting over my usual flustered after being asked a direct question out of left field, I mentioned that he hasn't tied me up yet. Man, it's been years and now that its out there I can't stop thinking about it, lol. Ah well, this is why I have several insane lengths of green cord kicking around after all. :)


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