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Downgraded this journal to basic. On one hand, mourning my extra icons. On the other hand, didn't lose my layout and no more goddamn ads. Worth it, in my opinion.

It's bloody hot... which means I'm somewhat less inclined to do filthy nasty things and more inclined to write about them. I've been cooking up some fantastically dark shit lately but haven't gotten more than a sentence or three down "on paper." If/when that changes I'll post.

Big Bear posted a link to Brom's version of Peter Pan called "The Child Thief", which is fascinatingly dark and disturbing take on the story. I love twisted takes on classic tales, so my brain's been firing along those lines lately (yes, I've read Lost Girls before you ask - the art is fantastic, the story not so much). I've had a kinky update of A Midsummer Night's Dream kicking around my head for years and I'm half in love with my version of Helena, or at least I must be since he keep popping up in my subconcious being beautiful and fierce and shit and wondering when I'm going to write something about him, lol. Maybe this midsummer?

I've also been very shut down and antisocial lately due to personal issues... this summer may be a good time to revisit the local TNG scene again. And finish my flogger, while I'm at it.
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  • on rag.

  • a couple days out from shaving down the ladybits. Stubbly and itchy.

  • m.pornhub.com went mostly subscription a couple days ago. Now have to find another source of free ipod porn, because damn it free porn is one of my unalienable rights as a citizen of these here Internets.

  • my room reeks like buttercream frosting because Kittyboy left the lid off the Tasty Twist the other day. Which normally is a good thing except I've been craving actual cake something fierce anyway.

  • want to beat someone's ass black and blue.

  • want new toys, can't afford new toys.

  • stressed out about life the universe and everything and as such want to fuck everything in sight.

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LOLing forEVER at the responses I've gotten on Collarme. Apparently "Straight Dominant Male" over there = "I'm so Dom I don't bother to read profiles, therefore seeing that you are not looking for My Heaping Masses of Masculinity." Yeah, flatten out the vowel in Dom and you get what I really think there. *chuckle* Really people. Poly Bisexual Switch does not equal Looking For You.

Full moon on Monday... hopefully it'll warm up a little bit between now and then - I've got this insane urge to go walking in it. Not to mention the usual "I don't know whatcha done to me but I know this much is true - I wanna do bad things to yooooooooooooou" that hits right about now. Least my period is no longer quite synched up to it anymore so I should be running clear by then... Thank goodness for small favors. Might be a good time to clear out Kittyboy's Litany of Misdeeds, considering he's notched up 20 points since his birthday. >:) I need to keep on top of that more.
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Ever had one of those nights of sexing where you're having flashbacks for days afterwards? ;) Yeah. Last night was definitely one of those times, all slow sweet and hot, like Kittyboy and I had all the time in the world to enjoy each other thoroughly before he took off for the weekend this morning.

Little things keep drifting through my memory: how it feels to pin him down and ride him, fingers tangled, his cheek against mine, hearing him breathe heavily into my ear... how his mouth softens under a kiss... a flash of his big brown eyes with that glassy expression of bliss in them... his cock sliding deep and hard into me from below and his hands on my breasts... his teeth sinking into that sensitive spot where my neck joins my shoulder... his fingers digging into my shoulders as he turns me over and fucks me from behind... the way my ass arches up to meet him on each stroke... and finally the quick hard throb of him cumming deep inside me, setting off my own intense release.

I won't lie, I love me some hard porny savagery as much as the next little slut. But more often than not what completely undoes me is the kind of sex that reminds you that lover starts with love, and sometimes the hottest, most panty-soaking thing you can have said to you in that tone of voice that's only a couple of steps to the left of a growl is simply "I love you."

Can't wait 'till he comes home.

* * *

I've got a collarme.com account. Same username as my FetLife, if anyone's interested.


Feb. 9th, 2010 08:53 pm
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I was informed of the existance of Lickie Dickies over in NormalJournal this evening.

I'm torn between giggling riotously, staring at the screen in complete and other WTF and playing the Your Kink Is Not Okay card.

Oh Vanilla people, how you make me laugh.


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