Nov. 19th, 2012 11:24 am
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So Kittyboy and I have PAXEast passes. Problem is that we don't have hotel accomodations lined up yet and all the stuff near the con hall is a) $$$ b) probably booked up already by now. More importantly, due to various states of unemployment and financial strappage, it looks like none of the usual suspects are going this time around, which sucks but is understandable. Not like there won't be one the year after that. So he and I have been discussing selling our passes and using the money for something else. And the following fell out of his mouth last night:

"Maybe we could go to Providence for that spanky kink con you're always talking about?"

*blink* What?

Don't get me wrong, holy shit yes, I'd go to the Flea in a heartbeat. Bonus going with my husband! But... I don't know, I have concerns. Other than briefly flirting with kink in the beginning of the relationship and some occasional "I'm gonna tie you up and HURT you." "Okay fine, bring it" play, it's been a reasonably vanilla relationship. And he's got Opinions on kink, specifically on the sort that extends outside of bedroom and sexytimes.

Regardless of all that, the main problem is me. I tend to be the sort that will happily venture along on other peoples adventures into various interests, finding things that interest me along the way at best, finding ways to self-entertain at worst. But when it comes to my own stuff, I'm VERY uncomfortable inviting anyone to go/participate with me, especially if it's an out-there sort of interest (kink counts, but so could experimental French cinema) or a narrowly focused one (beadwork). Half of me goes into defensive mode ("It's not FOR you!") in case the other person doesn't like, is bored by or is derisive of it. The other half gets so wrapped up in whether the other person is enjoying themselves that I fail to enjoy myself, thus nullifying the entire point of the exercise. Which is why I end up doing a lot of things on my own and more or less successfully convincing myself that I really prefer it that way, or just... not doing things period, because lets be fair, company is usually advantageous in these sorts of endeavors.

He did offer, though. That's something. 'Course... I don't know. I hate being humored. Or rather I don't hate it per se, but I hate being constantly aware that someone's coming along for the ride not because of any personal interest of theirs, but because it's important to me. Even though that's something I do all the damn time.

So yeah argh. It's early yet, and it's only been floated as a possibility - FFF is it's own kind of pricey and I told myself after the last one that I wasn't gonna go unless I had at least a few spare C notes to spend (doubtful that I will by February). And I know I'm overthinking it a LOT and I should just go and have a good time and not worry so much about my proposed company. Still the weird level of angst is there and I had to pour it out somewhere.
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*checks "do terrible filthy things while wearing a wedding gown" off bucket list*

Kittyboy and I got married yesterday. God DAMN but that man looks scrumptious in a tux.
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Kittyboy and I got a new charcoal grill for a wedding present. (no, it hasn't happened yet, one more month to go.) Other than the obvious benefits of fire cooked dead thing every so often (yummy), the smokey smell gets into Kittyboy's clothing and hair after he's been slaving over the grill for long enough, and sheeeeeeiiiiiiit. That's not fair, he already smelled fucking delicious to begin with, but now he's all delicious and SMOKEY and I'm all like RRRRRRGGGGHHHUNNNNFFFGETOVERHERE.

Apparently the smoke goes other places too, which I found out the, erm, hard way. I don't think that's quite what they meant by smoked sausage flavor, but I'll take it... >:)
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Kittyboy must love me. Last night after dinner he said something about feeling horny and adventurous. To shreds, you say. He must have read something in my face in return because he asked what I had in mind. I tried to demurr with "ehh, you wouldn't like it," but he was all "No, seriously, what?" so I confessed that I've been itching to hurt someone lately. Without batting any of his sickeningly pretty eyelashes his answer was "All right. Let's do this."

For all I that I love tying him up and doing evil things to him, I don't do it near often enough. Once every six months or so. I should really work on fixing that because it's so much fun to tie him up and make him squirm, and it don't hurt none that if you look at him too hard his skin puffs up into these welts that are not only pretty, but fun to pinch afterwards. Also I think if I got more of a chance to do things (and a little more warning in which to plan stuff) I'd work out some of the shyness I still have surrounding my more sadistic tendencies, I could still feel myself holding back a LOT, and I know he can take a lot more than I was giving him last night. 'Course it doesn't help that I still have a lot of paralyzing shyness about wanting/needing this, so asking for it is still something of a problem for me.

Still, last night did have excellent bits. A few things of note that worked beautifully well that I must keep in mind for later:

  • Engagement rings with a raised setting make a fantastic scratching/cutting implement. Also has the "something you gave me coming back to bite you" element to it, which makes me all kinds of giggle.

  • Tying people up the wrong way round on a bed (as in head towards the foot of the bed) is disorienting.

  • Related to the above, depending on how you chain your bottom's hands, that gives you a whole other fun element to play with. In an unusually inspired moment as I was gleefully dribbling candle wax over Kittyboy's clamped nipples and chest I straddled the footboard of the bed and his hand so he could finger me at the same time, and the crazier he drove me the nastier I got with the wax until he gasped he couldn't take too much more, and I told him that if he made me cum I'd stop. Lucky for him, I was ye close anyway.

So yeah, goodness knows when we'll get up to that level of shenanigans again, but last night was quite with the lovely. But yes, I do need to let my giggling little sadist out to play more often. With a few less leashes, maybe.
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Some days it's scary how much I want you, how much time I spend contemplating the lines of your back, the curve of your spine, and how I want to shower the surface of it with kisses both gentle and savage. How the sweet little curve where your neck meets your shoulder draws my mouth like a moth to flame. How I can spend a ridiculous amount of time doing nothing but kiss you and still come away wanting more.

There are days where I can't get my head around the fact that you're mine. Those are the days where I want to unwrap you like a much anticipated birthday present and explore every inch of slowly exposed skin with fingers and lips. Other days I just want to grab you by the hair, use you for my own selfish pleasures and make you like it. Most of the time I just want to wrap you up in my embrace and my body and make you feel warm and loved and safe, and have the favor returned.

I'm not sure how I got along without the feeling of your hands on my skin, without waking up to find one my nipples hardening under the heat of your palm, without you waking up just enough to murmur "I love you" into my ear before falling back asleep. I don't think I could for very long now if I tried.

I'm gonna post this, and then I'm going to get back in bed, put my arms around you, kiss you until you make that lovely sleepy "ooh attention! yes please" noise in the back of your throat, and tell you I love you. Because I do, dear gods I do, I love you and want you so much the words get caught in my throat and it takes an effort to shove them out there and even then sometimes they don't say enough. So I'll twine myself around you, bury my lips in your neck, and hope you get the message that way instead.
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All anniversaries should at some point involve rope, cable ties, tea, candle wax, slow head and slowly teasing your tied-up lover until they are shaking with how much they want to fuck you. Just saying.
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I had a rare moment this morning during half-awake shenanigans where the sleepies inhibited the shys just enough to permit a Snarly Top Moment wherein I grabbed Kittyboy by the hair and whisper/growled "Whose are you?" into his ear.

The word "yours" has never sounded so sexy.

Damn, I see what y'all get out of this now. *smirk*
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I'll post a bit more... at length... about the end of Kittyboy's drunken toddler birthday party last night, because it ended on a good, if a bit of a hard left in terms of direction. One that involved me, several of the gang that stayed late who happen to be in the kinky persuasion, and Kittyboy getting spanked, caned, swatted and spanked with various toys. No one lost their clothes or anything. but note to self, if I have another party, I should clean up one of the upstairs rooms just in case more space is needed for swinging nasty things at willing people. :)

I might add that Kittyboy is still having some trouble sitting down after lil'bunny's Sir walloped him with one of his nastier implements. I'm inordinately amused by this. He just keeps wandering around the house with a wtf expression, rubbing his butt and going "ow." It's cute as hell.

More happened, but I'm still rolling it in my head a bit and not ready to post. Nothing major or bad, just... whoa. :)

After the party was kinda amazing as well. Needless to say I didn't get too much sleep last night. :) There may have been some #slowhead involved... (masteradept you'd best be laughing). But more on that later as well, maybe.
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More days need to START with sexxytiems than end with them. Just saying, it's 8:45, I've only had one cup of coffee, and I'm bouncy and happy instead of grouchy and KILL EVERYTHING like usual and all because Kittyboy and I rolled over and pounced each other in a mutual haze of half-awake at 6:30 this morning.

Seriously, by all measures I should be stressed the hell out or something by now and instead here I sit grinning like a damn fool into my morning cuppa.
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While in the midst of a particularly scratchy/bitey bit of overexcited housecat sex, I came to a realization that made me giggle with a fair amount of devious delight. Naturally Kittyboy wanted to know what had crossed my mind.

"It's turtleneck season."

Judging by the ring of sore around my neck, I'd say I wasn't the only one rather pleased about this.

Damn it

Nov. 7th, 2010 03:16 pm
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I'm finally getting around to reading Naamah's Kiss. Much like everything else in Carey's Terre D'Ange series, it's having its usual effect on me to the point of grinding my teeth in pleasurable frustration. I also have the bad luck to be reading it during the point in my cycle where I'm naturally more inclined to just spend the entire day in bed but not sleeping.

Yes yes, that's EVERY point in my cycle ha ha shut up.

Not that there isn't a part of me relishing the whole awash in anticipatory deliciousness bit, but it does make it harder than usual to get anything else done other than read and occasionally bury my lips in that maddeningly delicious curve right where the right side of Kittyboy's neck meets his shoulder. It's nowhere near enough, but it helps blunt the edge a little.
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Hey [livejournal.com profile] little_kit, do you have a long lost cousin? ;) There was a adorable young lady on collarme.com that reminded me of you, so I shot her a message. Pretty sure nothing's gonna come of it, but nothing ventured, right?

In other news, I don't know what it is about French bowlines, but it seems precisely how to do them slides out of my memory like a well greased... well. Anything. Much like how to tie half-Windsors. Something about knots and trying to remember how they go never seems to stick. Nothing for it but to practice, eh?

Also Kittyboy and I MIGHT be going to Home Depot later. Or as I like to put it, "The Grown-up Toy Store." Granted I won't really be getting anything majorly fun (I think I've decided mostly to get hooks and price organizer type thingies), but a gal can look at the chain and rope and zipties and brackets and D rings and s-hooks and dream wicked dreams, can't she?

I've ended every paragraph in this entry on a wistful question mark. That is a thing.
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In response to a half teasing request for a quick round of ninja sex, I dropped the blinds in the living room, knelt on the floor and treated Kittyboy to a good long cock sucking on the living room couch.

I love giving head, in case I have never made that explicitly clear. I do though, all of it, love holding a cock in my mouth and throat, love the challenge of seeing how far back and how fast I can take it, love running my tongue all around the head and along the bottom, love the way cocks change texture and hardness under my efforts. Mostly I love the moment when I can press my nose against Kittyboy's crotch and feel the curls tickle my face; that's usually the sweet spot where if I tighten up my jaw just right, I can get him to moan. But yeah, there's something about going down on someone that just hits my brain in such a way that I kinda zone out a little bit and hit kind of a trance state, just get lost in the taste, smell, and rhythm of it. Kittyboy has said that I'm the first person he's dated that didn't treat going down on him like a chore or a massive favor. I suppose having a bit of an oral fixation and not too triggery of a gag reflex helps.

Afterward I straddled his lap and kissed him as he dug his fingers into my hips and slid into me; I remember closing my eyes, pressing my cheek against his and just hanging on for the ride. It was hard, fast, and intense, and over reasonably quick for both of us, but that didn't make it any less fun; there was a kiss and a moment of conspiratorial grinning as we were both still entwined and coming down; there might have been a fair amount of glow, tingle, smirk and swagger on my part for the rest of the night...


Sep. 28th, 2010 03:55 pm
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..One of these days when I dress up in my best little schoolgirl outfit I'm going to remember to get someone to take pictures BEFORE I'm pretty much ravished out of it. One of these days. Cause y'all know I'm a devotee of the pics or it didn't happen school of internet thought.

Also dressing up like that before Kittyboy comes home after a weekend away? well worth it for the look on his face when he first comes upstairs. There might have been a little scraping of jaw from floor necessitated.

I don't really like my plaid skirt though, mostly since my ass sticks out so much (weight loss for some reason exacerbates the natural bustle issue like whoa) so that the skirt doesn't hang evenly - pretty much it looks fine in the front, but rides up so much in the back that you can totally see the curve of my ass peeking out from under it. For some nefarious purposes this is fine, but I'd like something I can wear in public someday without instantly betraying to the world that I haven't bothered with the obligatory white cotton knickers.

In other news, I've noticed that Kittyboy seems to really like getting me off... it's fun listening to his breathing change when he can feel me cumming around his fingers. And there was a lot of fingers jammed up there last night, both in number of fingers and number of times. No, that was not a complaint.

In other other news, [livejournal.com profile] daddys_kitten_ posted about playing with this stuff and I'm VERY intrigued (and a little scared) by her experiences with it. Between the biting and one particularly memorable swat with an egyptian flail yesterday which caught me in the kittyspot (think where you would scratch a cat to make them go all elevator butt) its reminding me that it's been a while since I've had some medium to heavy pain play, both on the receiving and the giving end and now my head is full of nefariously terrible ideas. I'll let y'all know if anything develops in that direction...
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I one hundred percent get the meaning of "living in sin" right now. Kittyboy and I have been doing it for going on three weeks now, and sinning has been rampant from day one. No, really. My first memory of being here after the whirlwind of boxes and furniture was us hanging stuff in our improbably large closet together and him just squeezing behind me, reaching around, slipping his hand down my pants and fingering me until my knees and a couple other bits of anatomy melted out from under me. I have this vague flash of the wooden rail biting into my hands as I gripped it, and later sitting against the closet door panting "these were clean pants..." as I recovered and him just smirking. As he does. Infuriatingly well.

The leashes seem to be coming off with out own space; he's gotten... vocal... in the past few weeks and I love every delightfully filthy horrible thing that falls out of his mouth and into my ear right before he closes his too-sharp teeth on the lobe, the growl deep in his throat when he's biting mine, and sweetest and rarest of all, a little while back he let out this lovely little thing somewhere between a moan and sigh as he came deep in my ass that echoed in my head for a day and a half afterward and made me wet every time I thought of it for days after that. And then there's things like tonight, where I playfully sent him an IM saying I was going to come into his den and suck his cock, and I did, for a good long half an hour. It ended with both of us in the hallway, me bent over the landing with my pants around my ankles, him braced against the wall, fucking me hard.

Pff. And to think some people think that living in sin is a bad thing. Clearly they've never tried it.
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Well. That's certainly the hardest I've been fucked in the ass in a very very very long while. Most of it after a certain point is delightfully hazy, but I do vaguely remember being aware that my enjoyment of this was steadily approaching 11 in amplification so I buried my face in the pillows to muffle it some. I'm not sure it helped, lol. But yeah, I think I've personally discovered the exact definition of "slamming that ass." Sitting down has been interesting today. :D

Bonus points to Kittyboy for snarling "play with your clit" in my ear midway through.
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Once on top.
Once writhing on your hand with your cock in my mouth
Once pinned under you after what felt like hours getting fucked from behind

* * *

Once thinking about you in the shower this afternoon
Once a little later, remembering how good you felt last night
Probably one more time before I go to bed... unless of course, you'd like to help? ;)

(super amusing random note - nearly posted this into NormalJournal. Um yeah, lol.)
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I find it amusing that words completely fail me for describing any part of Sunday night, especially since when it comes right down to it, it's all about words. But it's a rather difficult task to post about such things without directly quoting the ones involved, and those... I want to keep those just for me. So I won't. I'll just leave it at dear gods, Kittyboy needs to growl lovely shit into my ear mid-act more. *whine*

...and wear suits. But we knew that.
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  • Pfil is off on a week long camping trip tomorrow night. This is important seeing as the air conditioner is in the living room and I have some evil, though still nebulous ideas on how to use that lovely air cooled space for Very Bad Things.

  • There is something about Kittyboy and anal... not sure what it is, if it's a quirk of penis shape or what, but it feels ridiculously good with him. Probably don't hurt none that I was already a total whore for it to begin with, but of all the people/items I've let in the back door, he ranks very high. I won't say how high, because I'm quite sure if he's read this far his head's swollen about 125% percent and it's big enough already.

  • Quite honestly, the nicest thing about having my internet back on after a fortnight long outage is being able to take porn to bed with me again via iPod. Yes, I get off insanely hard from watching amateur creampie clips, shut up.

  • Still on the frequent masturbation kick, speaking of which. There's been too much hotness around lately, from the sort of sex with Kittyboy that leaves me kinda limp and stupid afterward to scenes out of the TV shows I'm watching to it just being summer and while I don't like the hot and uncomfortable and ick, there IS something about it that just makes me want to fuck everything all the damn time and outside under the stars despite the humid, sticky and mosquitoes.

  • been letting my teeth out a little more lately - last week Kittyboy got mauled in a style that hadn't really been seen since we first got together. I've read all sorts of silly things about how leaving hickies is so very high school and that it's not a "mature" thing to do sexually, but fuck that shit. I love marking up other people, and I loved being bruised up in return. Yes, it's a possession thing, nothing says "MINE" like a purple circle on the collarbone.

  • still missing teh ladies. Would love a girl to tie up and beat silly, though I've got no leftover spoons for any more than what I'm currently dealing with. Still, it's a nice thought... and probably a good indication that maybe I need to lay off the lesbian fetish hentai (which just doesn't have the same cadence as Lesbian Spank Inferno, lol)

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I swear, since about five o'clock Sunday I've been masturbating more or less constantly. Well, okay, not at work, lol. And for all I know, not while asleep, though my dreams have been blue to the point of indigo lately. But yeah, it seems like I'm on a must-get-off-every-hour-and-a-half jag while I'm home. My clit is a little on the raw side from all the constant stimulation and since it's been hot as all fuck this sort of activity comes with the charming side effect of opening my eyes to steamed over glasses afterwards.

It's not even that I'm particularly horny either. I guess lately I need the escape time into the twisted fantasyland my head becomes when I'm playing with myself. And lately I've been stressed and frustrated enough to the point where having an orgasm every 90 or so minutes is just barely keeping the edge off. But at the rate I'm going, I'm going to melt through my vibrator cord.

I probably should post something about how Kittyboy tied me face down to my bed and did terrible things to my ass and clit for a lovely long and quite frankly steamy hour on Saturday, but I don't have the words, and it's crawling back up to 90 minutes again...
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