Mar. 5th, 2012 03:12 pm
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I suspected as much, but last night confirmed that I do indeed like my face slapped during sex. A lot. A very whole lot.
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Note to self - locate the scissors before you do something silly like bind your own wrists together with cable ties.

Yes I found the scissors, but I had an "oh shit" couple of minutes. XD As I said to Kittyboy on IM just now, at least I didn't have anything on the stove.

Amusingly enough, this dredged up a memory of getting caught by my mother while trying to frantically untie myself from a kiddie chair when I was about four or five. *chuckle* I guess some things haven't changed much.
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Well. That's certainly the hardest I've been fucked in the ass in a very very very long while. Most of it after a certain point is delightfully hazy, but I do vaguely remember being aware that my enjoyment of this was steadily approaching 11 in amplification so I buried my face in the pillows to muffle it some. I'm not sure it helped, lol. But yeah, I think I've personally discovered the exact definition of "slamming that ass." Sitting down has been interesting today. :D

Bonus points to Kittyboy for snarling "play with your clit" in my ear midway through.
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I swear, since about five o'clock Sunday I've been masturbating more or less constantly. Well, okay, not at work, lol. And for all I know, not while asleep, though my dreams have been blue to the point of indigo lately. But yeah, it seems like I'm on a must-get-off-every-hour-and-a-half jag while I'm home. My clit is a little on the raw side from all the constant stimulation and since it's been hot as all fuck this sort of activity comes with the charming side effect of opening my eyes to steamed over glasses afterwards.

It's not even that I'm particularly horny either. I guess lately I need the escape time into the twisted fantasyland my head becomes when I'm playing with myself. And lately I've been stressed and frustrated enough to the point where having an orgasm every 90 or so minutes is just barely keeping the edge off. But at the rate I'm going, I'm going to melt through my vibrator cord.

I probably should post something about how Kittyboy tied me face down to my bed and did terrible things to my ass and clit for a lovely long and quite frankly steamy hour on Saturday, but I don't have the words, and it's crawling back up to 90 minutes again...
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Ever had one of those nights of sexing where you're having flashbacks for days afterwards? ;) Yeah. Last night was definitely one of those times, all slow sweet and hot, like Kittyboy and I had all the time in the world to enjoy each other thoroughly before he took off for the weekend this morning.

Little things keep drifting through my memory: how it feels to pin him down and ride him, fingers tangled, his cheek against mine, hearing him breathe heavily into my ear... how his mouth softens under a kiss... a flash of his big brown eyes with that glassy expression of bliss in them... his cock sliding deep and hard into me from below and his hands on my breasts... his teeth sinking into that sensitive spot where my neck joins my shoulder... his fingers digging into my shoulders as he turns me over and fucks me from behind... the way my ass arches up to meet him on each stroke... and finally the quick hard throb of him cumming deep inside me, setting off my own intense release.

I won't lie, I love me some hard porny savagery as much as the next little slut. But more often than not what completely undoes me is the kind of sex that reminds you that lover starts with love, and sometimes the hottest, most panty-soaking thing you can have said to you in that tone of voice that's only a couple of steps to the left of a growl is simply "I love you."

Can't wait 'till he comes home.

* * *

I've got a collarme.com account. Same username as my FetLife, if anyone's interested.


Mar. 20th, 2010 07:57 pm
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Kittyboy and I were super naughty last night.

Pfil was home and had a guest over in the living room. Kittyboy and I were in my room hanging out and taking nerdage (D&D character rolling, mostly). After we'd finished up with that he joined me lounging around on the bed, but being the brat he is, he started teasing me, biting my neck, tweaking my nipples, and hitting the sweet spot between my legs through my pants. (He's got very good aim.) Course, this was all punctuated by tickling and horsing around and me swatting him for being an ass and it was all in good fun.

Course, me being me, it really does not take much to get the gears started and the works lubricated. So teasing pretty quickly became making out, making out quietly led to clothes coming off, and even though Kittyboy initially said we were going to behave while Pfils company was over, I of course ended up on my belly with him sliding deep and hard into my pussy from behind.

Cue some of the hottest sex we've had to date.

It was deliciously, excruciatingly slow, first of all. My bed has a tendency to get rather musical if the fun gets too enthusiastic, so Kittyboy, curse/bless him, dialed our usual pace down enough so that didn't happen. And because I'm always the loud one in the equation, most of this was happening with Kittyboy's hand clamped firmly over my mouth, so even when I couldn't help whimpering quietly (usually on an unexpectedly deep stroke) barely anything escaped. So no moaning, no squeaking, nothing distracting me from the sound of him breathing heavily into my ear and the feeling of him moving in me hard, deep and slow, and once in the middle him growling "You like this huh? You like having an audience right outside the door?" Christ. He's so quiet usually that when he does take it into his head to say something dirty it just turns me into a ball of post orgasmic jello.

I came hard once, and again when he did, and after he rolled off and over so we could both actually breathe, it wasn't without an exchanged grin of "heh heh we totally just did that." Course, even if we didn't have to be quiet, I can't say I'd object to him covering my mouth again.... just saying, that shit was hot. :)
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I have recently rediscovered that I absolutely adore that position where I'm lying face down on my bed and Kittyboy's spearing whatever hole takes his fancy. Usually holding me down by my wrists or my neck while doing so. It's a little bit scary for me, since I'm pretty completely out of control at that point, but that's probably why I love it. May also have something to do with it being a rear entry position that lets him do horribly wonderful things to my neck, face and shoulders with his teeth while he's fucking me. Either way... *contented sigh*

I've been invited to a queer event at The Society with Ms. Viviane on Saturday night. I'm kind of excited about it, as I still haven't gotten a chance to check out the space... and according to Ms V. there are quite excellently cute girls there. Not to mention that erotic takedown workshop sounds super fun as well. Always good to have something besides tickling at one's disposal when tussling with a bratty boy who wrestled in high school. Plus it'll give me a way of venting off all that full moon energy since Kittyboy will be busy doing other stuff that night...
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Mostly for my own edification really.

Really want to try to make it down for both the SYC and the WMPE munches in Northampton this month. I'm guessing the SYC one will happen around the 24th (it hasn't been posted) and the WMPE one is Wednesday the 27. WMPE is also having a Switch discussion thing down at the Society but I already know I really don't want to haul my ass all the hell way down to Hartford for it.

Doing the picture a day thing over in NormalJournal. Almost want to do something regular in this journal too, like once a month cheesecake of me or other volunteers for such things. *sigh* I just need to get back into practice of photographing people again. I didn't realize how much that aspect of my picture taking kinda suffered after I broke up with my former house, specifically Tyger. People THAT willing to strip down and have cameras pointed at them are really hard to find. I mean, there are a couple of ideas I'd love to use Kittyboy or the Lady for, though I seriously doubt they'd a) let me b) let me post them, lol. I'd ask [livejournal.com profile] daddys_kitten but considering she has Shyboy and her Daddy around all the time, I think I'd be intimidated. (not by they themselves, but they are either professional or significantly better photographers than I am.) And Pfil isn't usually up for such things, though she did just show me an album of professional cheesecake shots of her from a decade ago that were jaw droppingly beautiful.

Also kinda want to get caned again. The experience itself is a test of endurance, but I do rather love having a sore ass afterward. It's kinda like I hate working out but love the deep muscle soreness it generates. Ugh. Need to do more of that too speaking of which, but my sister hasn't mailed back my sneakers yet.

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I finally got a look at my ass tonight.

Yeah.... those are impressive!

Note to self, pick up some arnica next time I'm at Whole Foods...
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So after a good amount of Sunday night grown up fun, I rolled over onto my stomach to catch my breath, and heard Kittyboy go "Holy shit," behind me.

Apparently (I haven't checked this out in a mirror yet) I've got a fist-wide stripe of purple bruising across my ass from Wednesday night's shenanigans. This doesn't surprise me too much, as it still hurts if you grab me in a a couple spots... as Kittyboy is far too fond of exploiting.

Well. It seems I've underestimated exactly what I can take from a beating. And here I was thinking I was being a wuss the other night. O_o
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"Have the kind of sex with Kittyboy that scares you" was the assignment from my Lady. Best laid plans of Mice and Men gang aft agley.

No mistake, I found a way to shove at my boundaries, just probably not in the way expected of me. In a lot of ways I feel like I copped out last night in terms of what was actually done. Still, the evening did end with me in a sobbing, broken ball of hurt, with a Kittyboy wrapped around me warm and tight and comforting, dropping kisses on any bits of my face he could reach and gently brushing away the tears I had been carrying in my heart for too damn long.

I hate crying. I did so much of it in the past two years in the slow excruciating process of breaking up with my exes that I simply just don't do it anymore unless I'm pushed to. Even if I need to. And I won't do it in front of people anymore, because I find it so fucking humiliating. I think that's only the third time ever Kittyboy's actually seen me cry. And just lately I've been carrying so much around - fear, stress, anxiety, rage, grief, what have you - it had just hardened into a knot somewhere behind my eyes where I could ignore it most of the time.

Last night before he came over I was tying up my hair and watching Moulin Rouge! (I needed to see something as frenetically mercurial as I was feeling, and that movie goes from pure unadulterated batshit insanity to melodramatic bathos pretty much in one straight downward pointing line), I was kinda just trying to sit with all of my emotions at once, instead of the usual trying to stuff them all down into their usual box somewhere in the back corner of my psyche, trying to muster up the courage to pull one out. It's interesting that it was mostly the sad that showed up, since I think I wanted it to be something a little meaner, a little Darker, for lack of a better word (and only better in the sense that only my Lady, and little sister will know exactly to what I'm referring). But that's what showed up, and by the end of the evening, I needed to cry and be taken care of. Of course, that's never something I feel comfortable asking for in words. so when Kittyboy did show up and curiously inquired about the previous post, I handed Mace Windu to him, dropped trou, and gave up my ass for shredding. And fucking as it turned out.

yeah, I've actually never been caned in earnest. That shit hurts, and I've now got a nasty bruise/welt stretching from one asscheek to the other, which certainly makes sitting more than a little interesting. And god forbid you actually touch it. But it got the job done. And it was something I wanted, and needed, and had to actually ask for, which I have serious problems doing. Maybe I could have pushed myself harder, taken more, but breaking a dam causes mudslides and destruction - better to gate it open slowly, you know?

One leash, one chain at a time. Meanwhile, Kittyboy has something to smirk and swagger about. Until next time.


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