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Kittyboy must love me. Last night after dinner he said something about feeling horny and adventurous. To shreds, you say. He must have read something in my face in return because he asked what I had in mind. I tried to demurr with "ehh, you wouldn't like it," but he was all "No, seriously, what?" so I confessed that I've been itching to hurt someone lately. Without batting any of his sickeningly pretty eyelashes his answer was "All right. Let's do this."

For all I that I love tying him up and doing evil things to him, I don't do it near often enough. Once every six months or so. I should really work on fixing that because it's so much fun to tie him up and make him squirm, and it don't hurt none that if you look at him too hard his skin puffs up into these welts that are not only pretty, but fun to pinch afterwards. Also I think if I got more of a chance to do things (and a little more warning in which to plan stuff) I'd work out some of the shyness I still have surrounding my more sadistic tendencies, I could still feel myself holding back a LOT, and I know he can take a lot more than I was giving him last night. 'Course it doesn't help that I still have a lot of paralyzing shyness about wanting/needing this, so asking for it is still something of a problem for me.

Still, last night did have excellent bits. A few things of note that worked beautifully well that I must keep in mind for later:

  • Engagement rings with a raised setting make a fantastic scratching/cutting implement. Also has the "something you gave me coming back to bite you" element to it, which makes me all kinds of giggle.

  • Tying people up the wrong way round on a bed (as in head towards the foot of the bed) is disorienting.

  • Related to the above, depending on how you chain your bottom's hands, that gives you a whole other fun element to play with. In an unusually inspired moment as I was gleefully dribbling candle wax over Kittyboy's clamped nipples and chest I straddled the footboard of the bed and his hand so he could finger me at the same time, and the crazier he drove me the nastier I got with the wax until he gasped he couldn't take too much more, and I told him that if he made me cum I'd stop. Lucky for him, I was ye close anyway.

So yeah, goodness knows when we'll get up to that level of shenanigans again, but last night was quite with the lovely. But yes, I do need to let my giggling little sadist out to play more often. With a few less leashes, maybe.
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Man, this is the sort of day where I wish the Court of Night Blooming Flowers were real - I could really use a trip to Valerian House right about now. Not that I'd be able to afford it. *grumble* But yeah, I really want to cane someone into a crying purple mess, and I really really shouldn't because with the mood I'm in I'm rather past caring about the other person's potential enjoyment of this activity. Not exactly a mind set conducive to Safe Sane and Consensual.

It'll pass by the time I get home tomorrow. It always does. But right now I'm just going to dig my fingernails into my palms, grit my teeth, eat some leftover steak and ride it out until the beast goes back to sleep.
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All anniversaries should at some point involve rope, cable ties, tea, candle wax, slow head and slowly teasing your tied-up lover until they are shaking with how much they want to fuck you. Just saying.
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I had a rare moment this morning during half-awake shenanigans where the sleepies inhibited the shys just enough to permit a Snarly Top Moment wherein I grabbed Kittyboy by the hair and whisper/growled "Whose are you?" into his ear.

The word "yours" has never sounded so sexy.

Damn, I see what y'all get out of this now. *smirk*
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Things I need to do more because OH YEAH they're fun: straddling Kittyboy's lap on the living room couch and indulging in hot, reasonably fully clothed makeouts. Mostly because goddamn I could kiss that man forever, but also its sinfully fun grinding over a steadily hardening erection straining to escape from at least one layer of fabric. Good times. :)
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  • on rag.

  • a couple days out from shaving down the ladybits. Stubbly and itchy.

  • m.pornhub.com went mostly subscription a couple days ago. Now have to find another source of free ipod porn, because damn it free porn is one of my unalienable rights as a citizen of these here Internets.

  • my room reeks like buttercream frosting because Kittyboy left the lid off the Tasty Twist the other day. Which normally is a good thing except I've been craving actual cake something fierce anyway.

  • want to beat someone's ass black and blue.

  • want new toys, can't afford new toys.

  • stressed out about life the universe and everything and as such want to fuck everything in sight.

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Ever had one of those nights of sexing where you're having flashbacks for days afterwards? ;) Yeah. Last night was definitely one of those times, all slow sweet and hot, like Kittyboy and I had all the time in the world to enjoy each other thoroughly before he took off for the weekend this morning.

Little things keep drifting through my memory: how it feels to pin him down and ride him, fingers tangled, his cheek against mine, hearing him breathe heavily into my ear... how his mouth softens under a kiss... a flash of his big brown eyes with that glassy expression of bliss in them... his cock sliding deep and hard into me from below and his hands on my breasts... his teeth sinking into that sensitive spot where my neck joins my shoulder... his fingers digging into my shoulders as he turns me over and fucks me from behind... the way my ass arches up to meet him on each stroke... and finally the quick hard throb of him cumming deep inside me, setting off my own intense release.

I won't lie, I love me some hard porny savagery as much as the next little slut. But more often than not what completely undoes me is the kind of sex that reminds you that lover starts with love, and sometimes the hottest, most panty-soaking thing you can have said to you in that tone of voice that's only a couple of steps to the left of a growl is simply "I love you."

Can't wait 'till he comes home.

* * *

I've got a collarme.com account. Same username as my FetLife, if anyone's interested.


Feb. 19th, 2010 05:05 pm
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  • I need to find excuses to wear corsets more. Also someday when I have teh mad moneys (hahahaha) I'm going to find or commission one that accommodates my behind. The corset I have is grand, no mistake, but it was intended for a woman with a somewhat longer torso and definitely less junk in the trunk. Seriously, if this were 1890, I wouldn't require a bustle, thank you.

  • seeing Ms. Viviane and lil'bunny's hauls from the flea made me a little sad I did not in fact go. However, in perspective keeping terms, I didn't have the money to spend, and I know that HAD I spent the money anyway, much of of my haul wouldn't get used all that often anyway. Still, got to play with and appreciate all of their lovely toys last night, so not a total loss. Also they brought back vendor information for shopping purposes later, so I may yet fix this.

  • dear fates, I need someone's ass to terrify/beat/abuse. Been feeling the need to be utterly sadistic to someone who will revel deliriously in it and at this point in the game, Kittyboy seems to be having far too much fun on the handle end of the toys than the business end. Not that I'm complaining because that has been a crapton of completely unexpected fun, but I do want to get my teeth and nails into someone without either feeling stupid or shy about it. Associating with/the idea of cute but unavailable subs like lil'bunny, gingerpixie and my dear "little sister" have not been helpful, and I'm not good at/with venturing out of my safe zone in search of people to play with. Le Grumble. I suppose this is why I've been poking my toes into the local scene, but still *whine* Man, being shy sucks, especially in a scene where fortune favors the bold.

  • my roommate is about to go away for the weekend. ORGYTIEM IN 3...2...1... lol. Well not really, but I imagine some getting mildly tipsy and ending up on the living room floor for some Olympic level marathon fucking will probably happen sometime in the next couple of days. :)


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