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Aw, missed steak and BJ day this year. Yes, I'm actually sad about that. Red meat and oral sex sound like a perfect day to me.

For a lark and after a tangentially related conversation with KB, I reread Kushiel's Dart. This did nothing for my desire to beat someone bruisy. Neither is the fact that I found my 18" wooden ruler last night.

Last night after fucking my ass sweet and slow, Kittyboy mischievously pointed out that he always fists me when I come home from NY. "Just giving you something to look forward to." Damn him.

No progress made on venturing forth to wmpe events. We'll see about the main wmpetng munch.

I'm sure I have to wait in a line that wraps around the country several times, but I have this insane desire to do wonderfully awful things to Rachel Maddow in a significant state of undress. Painfully intelligent dark haired/dark eyed women kinda make me weak in the knees.

I really really REALLY need a new Wahl coil. And some drip candles. And Slippery stuff. And maybe one of those rock and roll vibes that light up. It'd be like Studio 54 all up in my junk. And a celebrator. And one (okay two) of these floggers. Sigh. One of these days I will have a toy budget again. One of these days.

Damn it

Nov. 7th, 2010 03:16 pm
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I'm finally getting around to reading Naamah's Kiss. Much like everything else in Carey's Terre D'Ange series, it's having its usual effect on me to the point of grinding my teeth in pleasurable frustration. I also have the bad luck to be reading it during the point in my cycle where I'm naturally more inclined to just spend the entire day in bed but not sleeping.

Yes yes, that's EVERY point in my cycle ha ha shut up.

Not that there isn't a part of me relishing the whole awash in anticipatory deliciousness bit, but it does make it harder than usual to get anything else done other than read and occasionally bury my lips in that maddeningly delicious curve right where the right side of Kittyboy's neck meets his shoulder. It's nowhere near enough, but it helps blunt the edge a little.


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