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*checks "do terrible filthy things while wearing a wedding gown" off bucket list*

Kittyboy and I got married yesterday. God DAMN but that man looks scrumptious in a tux.
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Kittyboy and I got a new charcoal grill for a wedding present. (no, it hasn't happened yet, one more month to go.) Other than the obvious benefits of fire cooked dead thing every so often (yummy), the smokey smell gets into Kittyboy's clothing and hair after he's been slaving over the grill for long enough, and sheeeeeeiiiiiiit. That's not fair, he already smelled fucking delicious to begin with, but now he's all delicious and SMOKEY and I'm all like RRRRRRGGGGHHHUNNNNFFFGETOVERHERE.

Apparently the smoke goes other places too, which I found out the, erm, hard way. I don't think that's quite what they meant by smoked sausage flavor, but I'll take it... >:)


Aug. 27th, 2010 12:37 am
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I kinda dropped off the face. That happens.

Long story short, Real Life be kicking my ass right now. At the same time, said life is in transition again - Kittyboy and I are moving into our own place over the weekend. I am excited, intrigued and terrified about this all at the same time.

but yeah... I haven't gone far. I'll be back when the dust settles a bit. Or, considering what's probably going to happen on Tuesday night, possibly sooner, though sorry Big Bear, I doubt I'll have the camera unpacked. ;)

This is going to be an adventure.
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  • Pfil is off on a week long camping trip tomorrow night. This is important seeing as the air conditioner is in the living room and I have some evil, though still nebulous ideas on how to use that lovely air cooled space for Very Bad Things.

  • There is something about Kittyboy and anal... not sure what it is, if it's a quirk of penis shape or what, but it feels ridiculously good with him. Probably don't hurt none that I was already a total whore for it to begin with, but of all the people/items I've let in the back door, he ranks very high. I won't say how high, because I'm quite sure if he's read this far his head's swollen about 125% percent and it's big enough already.

  • Quite honestly, the nicest thing about having my internet back on after a fortnight long outage is being able to take porn to bed with me again via iPod. Yes, I get off insanely hard from watching amateur creampie clips, shut up.

  • Still on the frequent masturbation kick, speaking of which. There's been too much hotness around lately, from the sort of sex with Kittyboy that leaves me kinda limp and stupid afterward to scenes out of the TV shows I'm watching to it just being summer and while I don't like the hot and uncomfortable and ick, there IS something about it that just makes me want to fuck everything all the damn time and outside under the stars despite the humid, sticky and mosquitoes.

  • been letting my teeth out a little more lately - last week Kittyboy got mauled in a style that hadn't really been seen since we first got together. I've read all sorts of silly things about how leaving hickies is so very high school and that it's not a "mature" thing to do sexually, but fuck that shit. I love marking up other people, and I loved being bruised up in return. Yes, it's a possession thing, nothing says "MINE" like a purple circle on the collarbone.

  • still missing teh ladies. Would love a girl to tie up and beat silly, though I've got no leftover spoons for any more than what I'm currently dealing with. Still, it's a nice thought... and probably a good indication that maybe I need to lay off the lesbian fetish hentai (which just doesn't have the same cadence as Lesbian Spank Inferno, lol)

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Downgraded this journal to basic. On one hand, mourning my extra icons. On the other hand, didn't lose my layout and no more goddamn ads. Worth it, in my opinion.

It's bloody hot... which means I'm somewhat less inclined to do filthy nasty things and more inclined to write about them. I've been cooking up some fantastically dark shit lately but haven't gotten more than a sentence or three down "on paper." If/when that changes I'll post.

Big Bear posted a link to Brom's version of Peter Pan called "The Child Thief", which is fascinatingly dark and disturbing take on the story. I love twisted takes on classic tales, so my brain's been firing along those lines lately (yes, I've read Lost Girls before you ask - the art is fantastic, the story not so much). I've had a kinky update of A Midsummer Night's Dream kicking around my head for years and I'm half in love with my version of Helena, or at least I must be since he keep popping up in my subconcious being beautiful and fierce and shit and wondering when I'm going to write something about him, lol. Maybe this midsummer?

I've also been very shut down and antisocial lately due to personal issues... this summer may be a good time to revisit the local TNG scene again. And finish my flogger, while I'm at it.
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It's usually me that tends to pet and spoil Kittyboy (and you would too if you had access to this man's back - something about the way his spine curves from ass to neck screams to be kissed and I quite happily oblige), but last night he turned the tables on me, running his hands over my skin and my face and just showering the back of my neck and shoulders with kisses and those sharp little bites that hurt like a bitch and turn me on like nothing else (and at least one left enough of a bruise for me to still feel it today). By the time he slid his fingers between my legs and pressed them deep inside me my nerves were already singing, and I remember how it felt having the curve of his mouth caught in mine, his fingers churning an orgasm out of me, hanging on to the back of his neck and shoulders and whimpering my pleasure into his mouth.

In other news, gah, summertime. I have a feeling when we move, Kittyboy and I will be investing in some box fans, because neither of us particularly like the gross sweaty aftermath of sex in 75+ degree weather. On the other hand, ice?
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Happy Mother's Day, you filthy fabulous folk!

I seem to be having one of those spells where I'm not feeling the sexxy much, at least, not enough to post about it, lol. Of late, this is directly because I had my cervix biopsied last Tuesday (ow ow ow) and my girlbits are still mad about it and probably will be for a little while. Le sad. Also ebbing and flowing is my interest in kink. There's rumors of local scene drama I'm rather avoiding like the plague, and for various other reasons (mostly financial, some having to do with my own headnoise towards the topic) I'm simply not feeling it right now. Though I did have an interesting idea cross my mind a few minutes ago that I wanted to get down.

I'm sure something like this exists out there... is there, in fact, a mentoring program out there for curious Maybe?Dominants? I have been told time and again that the best way to learn is by subbing... There is a lot of merit to that statement, I think, as in my experience Doms who know what the other side of the whip is like tend to be way more compassionate and plugged into the sub's experience, but of course your mileage may vary on that. However, I've been that route a few times, and while I did learn quite a bit, my attention span isn't the best when I'm focused on other things, like being a good girl. :) What I'm kind of casually wondering is if there's something out there or if people would be willing to have not a sub, but a Domme-in-training follow them around and take notes, so to speak. I had the opportunity to do that way ass long ago, and honestly I think I absorbed a lot more via observation (with some limited participation). I suppose I could just head down to the Society one evening and observe others in the space, but I don't want to be the creepy n00b sitting and staring at everyone else, lol. I suppose I could nullify that some by putting my name up on the board... still, lol.

I don't know, it's a thought... maybe when the so called drama dies out I'll repost the above idea to the WMPE boards and see if anyone else likes this idea. Also I keep wanting to reconnect up with Master Harley, since I haven't seen him in years and we keep sending messages to each other via The Badger. He's expressed an interest in maybe doing coffee sometime, and having read and liked his boy-training manual, I'd love the opportunity to discuss it with him in person.
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...and now y'all have that song from Portal stick in your head don't ya? ha ha.

Real life is doing that tiresome impinging on my feel like sexyposting mellow, so I've been a little quiet on this end.

In the spirit of nothing ventured, nothing gained, I tossed a personal ad up in one of the regional groups on FetLife. Nothing nibbling (yet), but should be interesting if anyone does.

I find myself for once looking forward to the end of winter. Usually it's my second favorite season but somehow this year it's not really doing much for me. Though there is nothing better than a warm tasty bed (hooray for electric mattress pads) and a lovely bare Kittyboy doing just about everything but meow obnoxiously for attention in it...


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