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Kittyboy and I got a new charcoal grill for a wedding present. (no, it hasn't happened yet, one more month to go.) Other than the obvious benefits of fire cooked dead thing every so often (yummy), the smokey smell gets into Kittyboy's clothing and hair after he's been slaving over the grill for long enough, and sheeeeeeiiiiiiit. That's not fair, he already smelled fucking delicious to begin with, but now he's all delicious and SMOKEY and I'm all like RRRRRRGGGGHHHUNNNNFFFGETOVERHERE.

Apparently the smoke goes other places too, which I found out the, erm, hard way. I don't think that's quite what they meant by smoked sausage flavor, but I'll take it... >:)
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I just drunk posted $normaljournal.

I left out the detail where I was dancing around my room belting out Avenged Sevenfold, using The Beast as my microphone.

Because damn it, everyone needs to get drunk and sing into their dildoes.

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Switchkitty: You know if you want to get laid, like, a lot? just wear that suit all the damn time. Or the gray one. I'm not picky.

Kittyboy: Nah, you know what I do that gets me laid a lot? BREATHE.

....Okay he's right but the suit certainly don't hurt none. Especially when he doesn't bother taking it off before bending me over and spearing my ass.

Welcome home, indeed.
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I came home from a weekend away to find a DVD of FOUR HOURS OF HOT LESBIAN ACTION on my desk with the following note on top of it:

Was given years ago. Haven't watched. Do you want? <3 Pfil

Because you really have to twist my arm to watch that sort of thing. But yeah, free porn, woot.

In other news, Kittyboy's on work related walkabout... on top of that, I sit here staring at a delicious picture of the Lady... I mean, really universe, as if my libido needed poking, grrr. Defintely the sort of night where the phrase "left to one's own devices" can be taken quite literally.
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Kittyboy: i think i have now found the official best safeword ever
Kittyboy: and am adapting it for myself
Switchkitty: *raises eyebrow*
Switchkitty: orly
Kittyboy: "DO IT TO JULIA"
Switchkitty: *facepalm*

This is why I wanna strangle love him.


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