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Aw, missed steak and BJ day this year. Yes, I'm actually sad about that. Red meat and oral sex sound like a perfect day to me.

For a lark and after a tangentially related conversation with KB, I reread Kushiel's Dart. This did nothing for my desire to beat someone bruisy. Neither is the fact that I found my 18" wooden ruler last night.

Last night after fucking my ass sweet and slow, Kittyboy mischievously pointed out that he always fists me when I come home from NY. "Just giving you something to look forward to." Damn him.

No progress made on venturing forth to wmpe events. We'll see about the main wmpetng munch.

I'm sure I have to wait in a line that wraps around the country several times, but I have this insane desire to do wonderfully awful things to Rachel Maddow in a significant state of undress. Painfully intelligent dark haired/dark eyed women kinda make me weak in the knees.

I really really REALLY need a new Wahl coil. And some drip candles. And Slippery stuff. And maybe one of those rock and roll vibes that light up. It'd be like Studio 54 all up in my junk. And a celebrator. And one (okay two) of these floggers. Sigh. One of these days I will have a toy budget again. One of these days.
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"Forgive me... both for what I want to do to you and how desperately I want to do it."

Is it a quote? The beginning of a story? A signature line from a sadomasochistic love letter? A sentence dropped in the heat of passion into a lover's ear? I don't quite know. But it wandered through my head in search of someplace to be captured, and here seemed like the most appropriate place.
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I ran across this wandering around Fetlife this evening.

Train the trainer

Interesting read. I don't have a whole lot of commentary, it just caught my attention.
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Try giving head with opera playing in the background. No really. :)

Real update coming soon.
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I rarely post links in here, but this one is kinda too giggleworthy to pass up.

Women in Bed: What's All the Noise About?

It's an interesting article. I just thought I was a freak for being such an operatic sex partner, but apparently I'm just inviting the neighborhood males to come and get it on the monkey brain level.
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Happy Mother's Day, you filthy fabulous folk!

I seem to be having one of those spells where I'm not feeling the sexxy much, at least, not enough to post about it, lol. Of late, this is directly because I had my cervix biopsied last Tuesday (ow ow ow) and my girlbits are still mad about it and probably will be for a little while. Le sad. Also ebbing and flowing is my interest in kink. There's rumors of local scene drama I'm rather avoiding like the plague, and for various other reasons (mostly financial, some having to do with my own headnoise towards the topic) I'm simply not feeling it right now. Though I did have an interesting idea cross my mind a few minutes ago that I wanted to get down.

I'm sure something like this exists out there... is there, in fact, a mentoring program out there for curious Maybe?Dominants? I have been told time and again that the best way to learn is by subbing... There is a lot of merit to that statement, I think, as in my experience Doms who know what the other side of the whip is like tend to be way more compassionate and plugged into the sub's experience, but of course your mileage may vary on that. However, I've been that route a few times, and while I did learn quite a bit, my attention span isn't the best when I'm focused on other things, like being a good girl. :) What I'm kind of casually wondering is if there's something out there or if people would be willing to have not a sub, but a Domme-in-training follow them around and take notes, so to speak. I had the opportunity to do that way ass long ago, and honestly I think I absorbed a lot more via observation (with some limited participation). I suppose I could just head down to the Society one evening and observe others in the space, but I don't want to be the creepy n00b sitting and staring at everyone else, lol. I suppose I could nullify that some by putting my name up on the board... still, lol.

I don't know, it's a thought... maybe when the so called drama dies out I'll repost the above idea to the WMPE boards and see if anyone else likes this idea. Also I keep wanting to reconnect up with Master Harley, since I haven't seen him in years and we keep sending messages to each other via The Badger. He's expressed an interest in maybe doing coffee sometime, and having read and liked his boy-training manual, I'd love the opportunity to discuss it with him in person.
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Walking out into warm sunny weather in a feather light long skirt that drifts in the breeze, and nothing whatsoever underneath.I think I'm going to gest some of that lovely anti-chubrub stuff from Athena's or maybe just baby powder and spend the summer skipping the bike shorts, because that feeling is delicious.

Normally I'm a winter girl but I am admitting summery weather does have its perks. More skin on display from all genders. Wearing sundresses (and catching Kittyboy leering openly down my cleavage). Leaving the windows open and realizing to my amusement that it's not just me that occasionally entertains the neighborhood by loudly announcing that pleasure is being had. That odd vibe to the air that says that the entire world, or at least this latitude of the northern hemisphere, is waking up and it just wants to fuck fuck and fuck. (This is only problematic for me because that includes most trees as well.) I could get behind this. Or in front. Or under. or... um. Yes. :) or should I say, yes... yes... oh god... fuck yes... harder... oh fuck yeah?


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