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I'll post a bit more... at length... about the end of Kittyboy's drunken toddler birthday party last night, because it ended on a good, if a bit of a hard left in terms of direction. One that involved me, several of the gang that stayed late who happen to be in the kinky persuasion, and Kittyboy getting spanked, caned, swatted and spanked with various toys. No one lost their clothes or anything. but note to self, if I have another party, I should clean up one of the upstairs rooms just in case more space is needed for swinging nasty things at willing people. :)

I might add that Kittyboy is still having some trouble sitting down after lil'bunny's Sir walloped him with one of his nastier implements. I'm inordinately amused by this. He just keeps wandering around the house with a wtf expression, rubbing his butt and going "ow." It's cute as hell.

More happened, but I'm still rolling it in my head a bit and not ready to post. Nothing major or bad, just... whoa. :)

After the party was kinda amazing as well. Needless to say I didn't get too much sleep last night. :) There may have been some #slowhead involved... (masteradept you'd best be laughing). But more on that later as well, maybe.
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While reorganizing my toy/book cabinet, I ran across the capzaicin applicator I'd gotten ages ago but tested maybe once before. (It's usually sold next to the icy/hot - in fact, they're put out by the same company.) In the spirit of "always try something on yourself before you play with it on other people" I put a stripe of it behind both my knees and went about my evening.

...Jesus Christ. I'm now wondering if I tested it at all because I'd remember this. Either that or I didn't apply very much before, or to a less sensitive area or it's concentrated in potency or something in the while or so since I bought it, but goddamn. Pretty much nothing much happened for the first ten or so minutes other than a light tingling that could be chalked up to the stuff drying. And then it starts burning. And then it starts burning worse. And by that time it's absorbed into the skin so you either have to ice it down or grit your teeth and ride it out, and I'd of course stuck it on the backs of my knees so bending them or sitting down with the edges of seats digging into them (I was wearing shorts yesterday) was fairly torturous for a good six hours or so.

Further tests are needed however, as my left knee reacted far worse than my right to the point where the area of application actually turned red, got warm, and welted up as if I'd gotten caned. The right knee, while it still hurt, didn't react nearly as dramatically, so I'm wondering if I'd rubbed it accidentally into a raw spot, if I'm allergic to it, or this is par for the course. I'm guessing not the latter as most non-pervy people buy this stuff to relieve pain, not cause it. But after round one, my conclusion is to mark this stuff "FOR SEVERE PUNISHMENT ONLY." Either that or use as a lazy, painless (for you, not your bottom) shortcut for getting that "I'ma tan yer hide!" sensation.

TL;DR - yeowch!


Feb. 9th, 2010 08:53 pm
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I was informed of the existance of Lickie Dickies over in NormalJournal this evening.

I'm torn between giggling riotously, staring at the screen in complete and other WTF and playing the Your Kink Is Not Okay card.

Oh Vanilla people, how you make me laugh.


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