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I'll post a bit more... at length... about the end of Kittyboy's drunken toddler birthday party last night, because it ended on a good, if a bit of a hard left in terms of direction. One that involved me, several of the gang that stayed late who happen to be in the kinky persuasion, and Kittyboy getting spanked, caned, swatted and spanked with various toys. No one lost their clothes or anything. but note to self, if I have another party, I should clean up one of the upstairs rooms just in case more space is needed for swinging nasty things at willing people. :)

I might add that Kittyboy is still having some trouble sitting down after lil'bunny's Sir walloped him with one of his nastier implements. I'm inordinately amused by this. He just keeps wandering around the house with a wtf expression, rubbing his butt and going "ow." It's cute as hell.

More happened, but I'm still rolling it in my head a bit and not ready to post. Nothing major or bad, just... whoa. :)

After the party was kinda amazing as well. Needless to say I didn't get too much sleep last night. :) There may have been some #slowhead involved... (masteradept you'd best be laughing). But more on that later as well, maybe.
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Hey [livejournal.com profile] little_kit, do you have a long lost cousin? ;) There was a adorable young lady on collarme.com that reminded me of you, so I shot her a message. Pretty sure nothing's gonna come of it, but nothing ventured, right?

In other news, I don't know what it is about French bowlines, but it seems precisely how to do them slides out of my memory like a well greased... well. Anything. Much like how to tie half-Windsors. Something about knots and trying to remember how they go never seems to stick. Nothing for it but to practice, eh?

Also Kittyboy and I MIGHT be going to Home Depot later. Or as I like to put it, "The Grown-up Toy Store." Granted I won't really be getting anything majorly fun (I think I've decided mostly to get hooks and price organizer type thingies), but a gal can look at the chain and rope and zipties and brackets and D rings and s-hooks and dream wicked dreams, can't she?

I've ended every paragraph in this entry on a wistful question mark. That is a thing.


Sep. 28th, 2010 03:55 pm
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..One of these days when I dress up in my best little schoolgirl outfit I'm going to remember to get someone to take pictures BEFORE I'm pretty much ravished out of it. One of these days. Cause y'all know I'm a devotee of the pics or it didn't happen school of internet thought.

Also dressing up like that before Kittyboy comes home after a weekend away? well worth it for the look on his face when he first comes upstairs. There might have been a little scraping of jaw from floor necessitated.

I don't really like my plaid skirt though, mostly since my ass sticks out so much (weight loss for some reason exacerbates the natural bustle issue like whoa) so that the skirt doesn't hang evenly - pretty much it looks fine in the front, but rides up so much in the back that you can totally see the curve of my ass peeking out from under it. For some nefarious purposes this is fine, but I'd like something I can wear in public someday without instantly betraying to the world that I haven't bothered with the obligatory white cotton knickers.

In other news, I've noticed that Kittyboy seems to really like getting me off... it's fun listening to his breathing change when he can feel me cumming around his fingers. And there was a lot of fingers jammed up there last night, both in number of fingers and number of times. No, that was not a complaint.

In other other news, [livejournal.com profile] daddys_kitten_ posted about playing with this stuff and I'm VERY intrigued (and a little scared) by her experiences with it. Between the biting and one particularly memorable swat with an egyptian flail yesterday which caught me in the kittyspot (think where you would scratch a cat to make them go all elevator butt) its reminding me that it's been a while since I've had some medium to heavy pain play, both on the receiving and the giving end and now my head is full of nefariously terrible ideas. I'll let y'all know if anything develops in that direction...
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Downgraded this journal to basic. On one hand, mourning my extra icons. On the other hand, didn't lose my layout and no more goddamn ads. Worth it, in my opinion.

It's bloody hot... which means I'm somewhat less inclined to do filthy nasty things and more inclined to write about them. I've been cooking up some fantastically dark shit lately but haven't gotten more than a sentence or three down "on paper." If/when that changes I'll post.

Big Bear posted a link to Brom's version of Peter Pan called "The Child Thief", which is fascinatingly dark and disturbing take on the story. I love twisted takes on classic tales, so my brain's been firing along those lines lately (yes, I've read Lost Girls before you ask - the art is fantastic, the story not so much). I've had a kinky update of A Midsummer Night's Dream kicking around my head for years and I'm half in love with my version of Helena, or at least I must be since he keep popping up in my subconcious being beautiful and fierce and shit and wondering when I'm going to write something about him, lol. Maybe this midsummer?

I've also been very shut down and antisocial lately due to personal issues... this summer may be a good time to revisit the local TNG scene again. And finish my flogger, while I'm at it.

Wish lists

Mar. 9th, 2010 01:05 pm
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I keep forgetting to write up the Athena's party I went to and its resultant hijinks. Course I don't have too too much to say other than royally enjoying being in a room full of friends who are also yummy curvy women being peddled sex toys and spa products by another yummy curvy women. *sigh* I'm kinda sad the market around here is so saturated for Athenas goddesses, I'd be one in a heartbeat. Me? go to people's houses with a suitcase of yummy smelling self-spoilage and sexy stuff and spend a couple of hours putting the shy at ease about their bodies and desires with silly/raunchy anecdotes? Um, yeah that's an unimaginable line of work for me, lol, I'd not be good at that at ALL. Ah well, if for some reason I move away, maybe. Meantime I sit and comtemplate the woeful state of my toy/sexy stuff collection, which I haven't updated or added to much in the past few years owing to lack of money, disinterest, and health drama.

Still, I do have one rather delicious aftermath of the party, other than the Amazon's soon to be husband stiking dramatic poses and saying "PENIS" with a delightfully hilarious lisp. During the party the Goddess had me wander off and try something called "Tasty Twist" which is a little bit of creme with menthol in it made to taste delicious and, um, stimulate whatever area you put it on (in my case, right on my clit). Oh my. That stuff is delightfully squirm inducing. My roommate, seeing how much I enjoyed that little bit of torture, graciously unearthed an unopened jar of it she had left over from a different Athena's party and gave it to me for Kittyboy and I to play with. While it didn't seem to affect him as much as it did me, the fact that both of us smelled/tasted like vanilla frosting afterwards (indeed, I was still smelling it a day or so later long after the warm tinglies had worn off was amusingly delicious. Not to mention we did have some pretty delicious sex while using it.

Still, I do have a wish list a mile long, and will be keeping that particular goddess card around for a bit. I will be making a small order at the end of the week (paycheck providing), but will definitely be putting some aside for a larger order later in the spring. I've decided I want a twist and shout vibe finally - I had been spoiled on the battery operated ones since getting Fisher Price My First Wahl coil - and I am intrigued by the recommendation the Goddess had for this item called the Celebrator - said that it made her orgasm so hard she cried. Um... yeah okay, I could get behind that, lol. Plus I wouldn't mind having one of those jelly cock rings+bullet vibe combinations, since I love what cock rings do for Kittyboy, but he's not so okay about the chafing the two we've tried cause. In kinkier news, sportsheets sound incredibly fun >:) and I still want a couple of decent thwacky toys, like a pair of cowhide mop floggers.

But yeah, stuff to consider when I have my lovely little pipe dreams that tend to begin "Someday when I actually have money..."
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Man at this rate I'm going to have to hand in my antisocial card, lol.

I got a message from Ms.V. at the tail end of my working asking if I wanted to go to the main WMPE discussion munch in Chicopee with her. After thinking about it for a few I was all sure, what the hell why not, right?

I was glad I did. There were some familiar faces from the Saturday munch present, and the presentation on 1920-1930s "dirty books" was intriguing and interesting. And one of the Dommes brought in a birthday cake for her submissive and shared. Apparently said sub asked to not have a vanilla cake at a fetish event (hurr hurr) so we got a chocolate cake with mousse frosting. Oh my, so yummy.

Honestly kinda left me in the mood to go home and write some filthy stories because of something the presenter said about how the focus in BDSM literature is still on older works, like The Story of O and the Sleeping Beauty books. Course by the time I came home afterward I was so exhausted that it was pretty much all I could do to shower up and toddle over to Kittyboy's so I could collapse into his bed and arms... and we both ended up oversleeping this morning, lol.

I'm toying with the idea of getting a WMPE membership, but am still sorta undecided about it. The main attraction for me right now is that they're setting up a partnership with some area businesses so that if youre a WMPE member you get discounts on stuff, kinda like triple A only kinky. But I'm not sure if I'd be actively participating in the local scene or just tagging along to the occasional eat 'n' schmooze like I'm doing now. I don't know I feel like if I sign up I ought to be contributing somehow, and I'm not sure if I have the inclination to do so or the space in my schedule. Not to mention the gas money to go running up and down 91 between home and The Society. So... waffling there. I suppose there's no harm in seeing how the next couple months go socially and join up later on this year if I still feel like it and make enough new friends in the process.


Feb. 19th, 2010 05:05 pm
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  • I need to find excuses to wear corsets more. Also someday when I have teh mad moneys (hahahaha) I'm going to find or commission one that accommodates my behind. The corset I have is grand, no mistake, but it was intended for a woman with a somewhat longer torso and definitely less junk in the trunk. Seriously, if this were 1890, I wouldn't require a bustle, thank you.

  • seeing Ms. Viviane and lil'bunny's hauls from the flea made me a little sad I did not in fact go. However, in perspective keeping terms, I didn't have the money to spend, and I know that HAD I spent the money anyway, much of of my haul wouldn't get used all that often anyway. Still, got to play with and appreciate all of their lovely toys last night, so not a total loss. Also they brought back vendor information for shopping purposes later, so I may yet fix this.

  • dear fates, I need someone's ass to terrify/beat/abuse. Been feeling the need to be utterly sadistic to someone who will revel deliriously in it and at this point in the game, Kittyboy seems to be having far too much fun on the handle end of the toys than the business end. Not that I'm complaining because that has been a crapton of completely unexpected fun, but I do want to get my teeth and nails into someone without either feeling stupid or shy about it. Associating with/the idea of cute but unavailable subs like lil'bunny, gingerpixie and my dear "little sister" have not been helpful, and I'm not good at/with venturing out of my safe zone in search of people to play with. Le Grumble. I suppose this is why I've been poking my toes into the local scene, but still *whine* Man, being shy sucks, especially in a scene where fortune favors the bold.

  • my roommate is about to go away for the weekend. ORGYTIEM IN 3...2...1... lol. Well not really, but I imagine some getting mildly tipsy and ending up on the living room floor for some Olympic level marathon fucking will probably happen sometime in the next couple of days. :)


Feb. 5th, 2010 06:17 pm
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So this morning I got a present from the Lady.

I now have a very pretty and extremely distracting desktop background. Lady + kimono + rope + snow + katana means I have a very good reason to occasionally minimize all my windows.

That is all.
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I have recently rediscovered that I absolutely adore that position where I'm lying face down on my bed and Kittyboy's spearing whatever hole takes his fancy. Usually holding me down by my wrists or my neck while doing so. It's a little bit scary for me, since I'm pretty completely out of control at that point, but that's probably why I love it. May also have something to do with it being a rear entry position that lets him do horribly wonderful things to my neck, face and shoulders with his teeth while he's fucking me. Either way... *contented sigh*

I've been invited to a queer event at The Society with Ms. Viviane on Saturday night. I'm kind of excited about it, as I still haven't gotten a chance to check out the space... and according to Ms V. there are quite excellently cute girls there. Not to mention that erotic takedown workshop sounds super fun as well. Always good to have something besides tickling at one's disposal when tussling with a bratty boy who wrestled in high school. Plus it'll give me a way of venting off all that full moon energy since Kittyboy will be busy doing other stuff that night...
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I came home from a weekend away to find a DVD of FOUR HOURS OF HOT LESBIAN ACTION on my desk with the following note on top of it:

Was given years ago. Haven't watched. Do you want? <3 Pfil

Because you really have to twist my arm to watch that sort of thing. But yeah, free porn, woot.

In other news, Kittyboy's on work related walkabout... on top of that, I sit here staring at a delicious picture of the Lady... I mean, really universe, as if my libido needed poking, grrr. Defintely the sort of night where the phrase "left to one's own devices" can be taken quite literally.
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Mostly for my own edification really.

Really want to try to make it down for both the SYC and the WMPE munches in Northampton this month. I'm guessing the SYC one will happen around the 24th (it hasn't been posted) and the WMPE one is Wednesday the 27. WMPE is also having a Switch discussion thing down at the Society but I already know I really don't want to haul my ass all the hell way down to Hartford for it.

Doing the picture a day thing over in NormalJournal. Almost want to do something regular in this journal too, like once a month cheesecake of me or other volunteers for such things. *sigh* I just need to get back into practice of photographing people again. I didn't realize how much that aspect of my picture taking kinda suffered after I broke up with my former house, specifically Tyger. People THAT willing to strip down and have cameras pointed at them are really hard to find. I mean, there are a couple of ideas I'd love to use Kittyboy or the Lady for, though I seriously doubt they'd a) let me b) let me post them, lol. I'd ask [livejournal.com profile] daddys_kitten but considering she has Shyboy and her Daddy around all the time, I think I'd be intimidated. (not by they themselves, but they are either professional or significantly better photographers than I am.) And Pfil isn't usually up for such things, though she did just show me an album of professional cheesecake shots of her from a decade ago that were jaw droppingly beautiful.

Also kinda want to get caned again. The experience itself is a test of endurance, but I do rather love having a sore ass afterward. It's kinda like I hate working out but love the deep muscle soreness it generates. Ugh. Need to do more of that too speaking of which, but my sister hasn't mailed back my sneakers yet.



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