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*checks "do terrible filthy things while wearing a wedding gown" off bucket list*

Kittyboy and I got married yesterday. God DAMN but that man looks scrumptious in a tux.
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Kittyboy and I got a new charcoal grill for a wedding present. (no, it hasn't happened yet, one more month to go.) Other than the obvious benefits of fire cooked dead thing every so often (yummy), the smokey smell gets into Kittyboy's clothing and hair after he's been slaving over the grill for long enough, and sheeeeeeiiiiiiit. That's not fair, he already smelled fucking delicious to begin with, but now he's all delicious and SMOKEY and I'm all like RRRRRRGGGGHHHUNNNNFFFGETOVERHERE.

Apparently the smoke goes other places too, which I found out the, erm, hard way. I don't think that's quite what they meant by smoked sausage flavor, but I'll take it... >:)
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Kittyboy must love me. Last night after dinner he said something about feeling horny and adventurous. To shreds, you say. He must have read something in my face in return because he asked what I had in mind. I tried to demurr with "ehh, you wouldn't like it," but he was all "No, seriously, what?" so I confessed that I've been itching to hurt someone lately. Without batting any of his sickeningly pretty eyelashes his answer was "All right. Let's do this."

For all I that I love tying him up and doing evil things to him, I don't do it near often enough. Once every six months or so. I should really work on fixing that because it's so much fun to tie him up and make him squirm, and it don't hurt none that if you look at him too hard his skin puffs up into these welts that are not only pretty, but fun to pinch afterwards. Also I think if I got more of a chance to do things (and a little more warning in which to plan stuff) I'd work out some of the shyness I still have surrounding my more sadistic tendencies, I could still feel myself holding back a LOT, and I know he can take a lot more than I was giving him last night. 'Course it doesn't help that I still have a lot of paralyzing shyness about wanting/needing this, so asking for it is still something of a problem for me.

Still, last night did have excellent bits. A few things of note that worked beautifully well that I must keep in mind for later:

  • Engagement rings with a raised setting make a fantastic scratching/cutting implement. Also has the "something you gave me coming back to bite you" element to it, which makes me all kinds of giggle.

  • Tying people up the wrong way round on a bed (as in head towards the foot of the bed) is disorienting.

  • Related to the above, depending on how you chain your bottom's hands, that gives you a whole other fun element to play with. In an unusually inspired moment as I was gleefully dribbling candle wax over Kittyboy's clamped nipples and chest I straddled the footboard of the bed and his hand so he could finger me at the same time, and the crazier he drove me the nastier I got with the wax until he gasped he couldn't take too much more, and I told him that if he made me cum I'd stop. Lucky for him, I was ye close anyway.

So yeah, goodness knows when we'll get up to that level of shenanigans again, but last night was quite with the lovely. But yes, I do need to let my giggling little sadist out to play more often. With a few less leashes, maybe.
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All anniversaries should at some point involve rope, cable ties, tea, candle wax, slow head and slowly teasing your tied-up lover until they are shaking with how much they want to fuck you. Just saying.
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Dear neighborhood,

Our network SSID is "Please Have Quieter Sex." This is CLEARLY a deflection tactic, considering when I'm worked up enough, you can hear my caterwauling in the next county.

In light of that I would like to apologize sheepishly for the noise last night if any of it leaked through the walls or the windows. We'll just say last night was both needed and very very good.


Ms. Kitty
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In response to a half teasing request for a quick round of ninja sex, I dropped the blinds in the living room, knelt on the floor and treated Kittyboy to a good long cock sucking on the living room couch.

I love giving head, in case I have never made that explicitly clear. I do though, all of it, love holding a cock in my mouth and throat, love the challenge of seeing how far back and how fast I can take it, love running my tongue all around the head and along the bottom, love the way cocks change texture and hardness under my efforts. Mostly I love the moment when I can press my nose against Kittyboy's crotch and feel the curls tickle my face; that's usually the sweet spot where if I tighten up my jaw just right, I can get him to moan. But yeah, there's something about going down on someone that just hits my brain in such a way that I kinda zone out a little bit and hit kind of a trance state, just get lost in the taste, smell, and rhythm of it. Kittyboy has said that I'm the first person he's dated that didn't treat going down on him like a chore or a massive favor. I suppose having a bit of an oral fixation and not too triggery of a gag reflex helps.

Afterward I straddled his lap and kissed him as he dug his fingers into my hips and slid into me; I remember closing my eyes, pressing my cheek against his and just hanging on for the ride. It was hard, fast, and intense, and over reasonably quick for both of us, but that didn't make it any less fun; there was a kiss and a moment of conspiratorial grinning as we were both still entwined and coming down; there might have been a fair amount of glow, tingle, smirk and swagger on my part for the rest of the night...


Mar. 20th, 2010 07:57 pm
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Kittyboy and I were super naughty last night.

Pfil was home and had a guest over in the living room. Kittyboy and I were in my room hanging out and taking nerdage (D&D character rolling, mostly). After we'd finished up with that he joined me lounging around on the bed, but being the brat he is, he started teasing me, biting my neck, tweaking my nipples, and hitting the sweet spot between my legs through my pants. (He's got very good aim.) Course, this was all punctuated by tickling and horsing around and me swatting him for being an ass and it was all in good fun.

Course, me being me, it really does not take much to get the gears started and the works lubricated. So teasing pretty quickly became making out, making out quietly led to clothes coming off, and even though Kittyboy initially said we were going to behave while Pfils company was over, I of course ended up on my belly with him sliding deep and hard into my pussy from behind.

Cue some of the hottest sex we've had to date.

It was deliciously, excruciatingly slow, first of all. My bed has a tendency to get rather musical if the fun gets too enthusiastic, so Kittyboy, curse/bless him, dialed our usual pace down enough so that didn't happen. And because I'm always the loud one in the equation, most of this was happening with Kittyboy's hand clamped firmly over my mouth, so even when I couldn't help whimpering quietly (usually on an unexpectedly deep stroke) barely anything escaped. So no moaning, no squeaking, nothing distracting me from the sound of him breathing heavily into my ear and the feeling of him moving in me hard, deep and slow, and once in the middle him growling "You like this huh? You like having an audience right outside the door?" Christ. He's so quiet usually that when he does take it into his head to say something dirty it just turns me into a ball of post orgasmic jello.

I came hard once, and again when he did, and after he rolled off and over so we could both actually breathe, it wasn't without an exchanged grin of "heh heh we totally just did that." Course, even if we didn't have to be quiet, I can't say I'd object to him covering my mouth again.... just saying, that shit was hot. :)
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"Have the kind of sex with Kittyboy that scares you" was the assignment from my Lady. Best laid plans of Mice and Men gang aft agley.

No mistake, I found a way to shove at my boundaries, just probably not in the way expected of me. In a lot of ways I feel like I copped out last night in terms of what was actually done. Still, the evening did end with me in a sobbing, broken ball of hurt, with a Kittyboy wrapped around me warm and tight and comforting, dropping kisses on any bits of my face he could reach and gently brushing away the tears I had been carrying in my heart for too damn long.

I hate crying. I did so much of it in the past two years in the slow excruciating process of breaking up with my exes that I simply just don't do it anymore unless I'm pushed to. Even if I need to. And I won't do it in front of people anymore, because I find it so fucking humiliating. I think that's only the third time ever Kittyboy's actually seen me cry. And just lately I've been carrying so much around - fear, stress, anxiety, rage, grief, what have you - it had just hardened into a knot somewhere behind my eyes where I could ignore it most of the time.

Last night before he came over I was tying up my hair and watching Moulin Rouge! (I needed to see something as frenetically mercurial as I was feeling, and that movie goes from pure unadulterated batshit insanity to melodramatic bathos pretty much in one straight downward pointing line), I was kinda just trying to sit with all of my emotions at once, instead of the usual trying to stuff them all down into their usual box somewhere in the back corner of my psyche, trying to muster up the courage to pull one out. It's interesting that it was mostly the sad that showed up, since I think I wanted it to be something a little meaner, a little Darker, for lack of a better word (and only better in the sense that only my Lady, and little sister will know exactly to what I'm referring). But that's what showed up, and by the end of the evening, I needed to cry and be taken care of. Of course, that's never something I feel comfortable asking for in words. so when Kittyboy did show up and curiously inquired about the previous post, I handed Mace Windu to him, dropped trou, and gave up my ass for shredding. And fucking as it turned out.

yeah, I've actually never been caned in earnest. That shit hurts, and I've now got a nasty bruise/welt stretching from one asscheek to the other, which certainly makes sitting more than a little interesting. And god forbid you actually touch it. But it got the job done. And it was something I wanted, and needed, and had to actually ask for, which I have serious problems doing. Maybe I could have pushed myself harder, taken more, but breaking a dam causes mudslides and destruction - better to gate it open slowly, you know?

One leash, one chain at a time. Meanwhile, Kittyboy has something to smirk and swagger about. Until next time.


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